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Aluminum products are common in the life of a member of the non negligible

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(1) aluminum density is very small, only 2.7g/cm3, although it is relatively soft, but can be made into a variety of aluminum alloy, such as aluminum, super hard aluminum; antirust aluminum, cast aluminum, etc.. The aluminum alloy universal application in airplanes, cars, trains, ships and other manufacturing industry. In addition, space rockets, space flight, natural satellites also use a small amount of aluminum and its alloys. For example, a supersonic aircraft from about 70% of aluminum and its alloy composition. Shipbuilding is also a small amount of aluminum, a large aircraft passenger amount of aluminum often amounting to thousands of tons.
The conductivity of aluminum (2) after the silver, copper, although two-thirds of its conductivity only copper, but density only copper 1 / 3, so transporting amounts of electricity, the quality of aluminum copper only half. The oxide film on the aluminum surface not only to corrosion and insulation. So, the aluminum in the electrical manufacturing have a widely use in the industry, wire and cable industry and radio industry.
(3) aluminum is a good conductor of heat, which is 3 times more heat than iron, and can be used in all kinds of heat exchangers, heat dissipation materials and cooking utensils.
(4) aluminum has a good ductility (which is second only to gold and silver), can be made into thin at 100150 degrees 0.01mm aluminum foil, which is widely used in packaging cigarettes, candy, etc., can also be made of aluminum, aluminum, and can roll all kinds of aluminum products.
(5) the surface of the aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion because of a dense oxide film, which is often used in the manufacture of chemical reactors, medical instruments, refrigeration equipment, oil and gas pipelines.
(6) aluminium has a silvery sheen (general metal powder color is black), commonly used to paint, commonly known as silver, silver paint, to protect iron products shouldn't be corroded, and beautiful appearance.
(7) aluminum in oxygen extinguished can release a small amount of heat and glare, commonly used in the manufacture of explosive mixture, such as ammonium aluminum explosive (by ammonium nitrate, charcoal powder, aluminum powder, soot and other combustible organic matter mixed), extinguishing mixture (such as using thermite bombs and shells can be used to attack is difficult to ignite the purpose or tanks, artillery, and so on) and lighting mixture (such as those containing barium nitrate 68% and 28% aluminum powder, shellac, 4%)
(8) thermite used to smelting of refractory metal and welded rails etc.. Aluminum is used for steelmaking deoxidization process agent. Aluminum and graphite, titanium dioxide (or other high melting point metal oxide) according to a certain percentage of the average mixed, painted on the metal, calcined temperature made resistant to low temperature, metal ceramic, it on the rocket and missile technology has important applications.
(9) the reflective properties of the aluminum plate are also very good, the more pure aluminum, the better the reflection, and therefore commonly used to manufacture high quality mirror, such as the reflection of the sun mirror.
(10) aluminum has sound absorption performance, sound effect is also good, so broadcast rooms, modern large building indoor ceilings, etc. are also commonly used aluminum.

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