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How much do you know about the motorcycle shock absorber

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1, according to the installation position, there are front and rear shock absorber;
2, according to the structural form, there is (a) telescopic pipe type front * hydraulic shock absorber (which is used in the most of the front shock absorber); (b) rocker type shock absorber; (c) rocker lever vertical center shock absorber; (d) rocker lever tilt type center shock absorber.
3, according to the cylinder task position, there is (a) inverted type damper (that is, the position of the cylinder, the piston rod at the bottom); (b) is the type of shock absorber (cylinder position at the top of the piston rod at the top).
4, according to the task of medium, there is (a) spring type shock absorber; (b) springs - air damping type damper (due to the limited air damping, shock absorption effect is not ideal, the general use of the speed is not high for shock absorber); (c) hydraulic shock absorber; (d) oil and gas combination type front shock absorber. (E) hydraulic shock absorber with nitrogen.
5, according to the direction of the attenuation, there is (a) one way role of shock absorber; (b) two-way shock absorber.
6, according to the load adjustment type, there is (a) the initial pressure adjustment spring; (b) air spring; (c) the installation angle adjustment.

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