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How do we maintain our beloved motorcycle in winter

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One, for the appropriate summer fuel and smooth oil.
Two, with the condition, the motorcycle should be placed indoors, in order to ensure proper machine temperature, easy to start.
Three, on the electric starting system of the motorcycle, should increase the concentration of the battery electrolyte, and pay attention to the heat preservation and its cessation
The supplementary charge, when using the power to start, if once can not start, to distance 10-15 seconds, and then stop to start, each time to start
Can not exceed 5 seconds.
Four, starting at the accelerator is not easy, so as to avoid the empty space around the number is too high, deceleration wear.
Five, parking, should immediately to the fuel tank refueling, to expel the moist air, to avoid condensation of water vapor into ice, corrosion parts or
After freezing, the oil is in the oil way, and the sediment in the fuel tank is also released.
Six, in order to avoid the low temperature of the motorcycle, we should set up the heat preservation device.
Seven, before starting, with hot water to warm up the engine, to heat the oil at the bottom of the shell and the transmission of smooth oil.
Eight, on the temporary use of motorcycles, starting before the application of the foot pedal to avoid the surface of the smooth oil can not flow to the friction and wear, and even cause the burning tile accident.

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