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Metal mold in the home to occupy a considerable position

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The quality and level of the furniture is mainly reflected in the selection of hardware fittings. The furniture is inconvenient, largely because of furniture hardware accessories used when perhaps caused by the lack of. As long as the corresponding hardware mold accessories, very complex multi - functional furniture can be produced. Hardware mold parts in the furniture value accounted for 5%, but the operating comfort but 85%. Can see the importance of hardware accessories in the furniture.
Home hardware according to the set can be divided into ordinary and special two categories, the former includes hinge, hinge, slide rail, etc.. The latter includes hardware for bathroom and kitchen accessories. The hinge, slide, hinge and locks in the life with high frequency, which is more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, the hardware accessories put forward a greater demand and higher requirements. Home hardware is more emphasis on its mechanical properties, anti rust, moisture resistance, fatigue performance and other activities of the activity.
In the growing demand for home decoration and the overall nature of the day, home hardware in addition to meet the above functional, but also has to make people at present a bright decorative and overall Jiezhuang style matching. Take the most common handle, at present on the market in addition to stainless steel salad hand, there are black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel and transparent paint, in the shape, style, Chinese style, tradition, abnormity and so on, to meet the diversification of consumer demand.

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