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Where is the key to the success of the blind

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1) professional, characteristic, series: the world's most competitive in the production of the most competitive not in China, while in Germany, Italy, the United States and Turkey. In decades of development and market competition, these plants can adhere to the present, by the user's market is a special sign and brand differentiation.
2) continuous subdivision of the market and optimization of suppliers: the application of products and the use of workers as the market oriented, causing these professional manufacturers continue to segment
Product use direction, forming a unique product sequence. (auto repair, construction industry, stainless steel rust Jane, coarse, fine grinding and polishing in the electronics industry, precision polishing). At the same time, the selection of the upstream industry is also put forward to meet the needs of the end market. So do not see a unified world scene two cloth factory.
3) effective domestic market strategy: Germany, Italy and Turkey production output 67% to outside their home market.

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