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On the road, dirt road motorcycle exercise need to pay attention to what matters

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1 on the dirt road, the motorcycle must reduce the speed. Because dirt road is always on the bottom, so high speed driving will make the vehicle bumps and serious, shorten the service life of the vehicle. Long time in the soil on the road, the fastening bolts easy to loose. If you encounter a lot of rough bumps, can temporarily cut off the power, the vehicle used to drive. At this time, the driver should legs propped up the body weight so that the weight of all moved to the pedal, the body leaning forward slightly, hands clenched handlebar.
2. Motorcycle driving in Sha Lu, because Sha Lu on the soft, vehicle by rolling resistance, will appear around the wheel shaking, handlebar and unstable situation. Therefore, we should speed up in advance and, force of arms, clenched handlebar, do not use emergency braking, in particular, do not use the vehicle in front wheel brake, so as not to cause slipping accidents.
3. At the end of a dirt road often appears concave groove, through a shallow concave groove, should make the vehicle with the concave groove is inclined at an angle through, if the groove surface icing phenomenon, through vertical, encounter larger Geng Lu, to accelerate, front wheel on the road ridge to refuel, rear wheel drive crossing the ridge to accelerate.

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